Humboldt Volunteer Hospice

Caregiver Support Group is in conjunction with the Grief Support Group

3nd Thursday of each month at 5 pm

Held in the Sonoma room of Humboldt General Hospital

118 E Haskell Street

Winnemucca, NV 89445

The art of care giving is the art of interdependence. It is a delicate, often precarious balance: being involved and keeping perspective: caring and yet being objective. Care giving means being open, positive, and available. It means increasing one's confidence by learning more about the patients served. On the other hand, care giving means admitting fears, taking time for self and getting help when needed. Some of our words and deeds will hit the mark; others will fall short. That's okay. Care giving means balancing opposites, and the line between them is never sharp and straight.

CAREGIVERS are persons who "care for" themselves and others. Because they take care of themselves they can choose to give care to another.

CAREGIVERS do not get caught up in the results. They do not tend to need to "fix" another. They take their actions but refrain from taking away the power of choice from others "for their own good."

CAREGIVERS empower others to make choices and take actions. Since they tend to be non-judgmental.

CAREGIVERS are unconditional in their acceptance of others.Type your paragraph here.