RESOURCE Our Hospice Team works with numerous other agencies within our community, outreaching to many sources to help our patients and families to get the information they need in order to face this difficult journey. We also offer educational material for anyone who is losing a loved one. 

What is Hospice? 

The Humboldt Volunteer Hospice is a non-profit organization. We work closely with healthcare providers and staff to ensure all of your needs are addressed. We have amazing, patient, and well trained volunteers ready to provide the best care for those in need during a challenging journey. 

EDUCATE Hospice provides families with as much information as possible about their loved ones illness. We continually educate them on how to be an effective caregiver, as well as information on the emotional and spiritual aspects that are involved when caring for a loved one. 

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Humboldt Volunteer Hospice, a non-profit organization, will honor and support individuals to our community who are suffering for a chromic, debilitating or terminal illness. We will be there for families in the comfort of their own home, to make their journey through this difficult time with the most possible ease.

As a non-profit agency we are funded by community donations, and available-grant funding. There are NO FEES associated with any services or equipment provided by Humboldt Country Hospice. 






There are absolutely no fees associated with any services provided by Humboldt Volunteer Hospice to anyone in need.  

CASE MANAGEMENT Our Hospice team provides continuous communication and evaluation of a patients needs. Our team makes every attempt to ensure that the changing needs of a patient and family are met to the best of our ability. Hospice has an outstanding chain of communication with our community health system leaders as an advocate between doctors

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Hospice Volunteers describe their commitment to Humboldt Volunteer Hospice as rewarding, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally meaningful. Hospice requires a lot from its volunteers and we value them greatly. If you would like the volunteer, contact HVH for details on our specific needs and ask for a volunteer coordinator.  

VOLUNTEERS are an essential part of our Hospice team filling critical roles. Volunteering can help with many aspects of our organization for direct support with patients and their families, community education on our services, fundraising support of our organization and helping in our Thrift Store.